The best IDE for AIR for Android

AIR for Android has come a long way in the last one year or so and I think one of the most significant developments in this area was the launch of their latest, now-still-in-beta IDE Flash Builder Burrito. Apart from providing support for mobile and multi-screen applications (which really is the point of this blog post and the website in general), Flash Builder Burrito also has some amazing developer friendly features like Accelerated coding for Flex and ActionScript projects using code templates and Improved designer/developer workflow which enables designers and developers to begin to collaborate on the production of high-fidelity Flex projects. For more details on Flash Builder Burrito, go here. Getting back to why Flash Builder Burrito is the best IDE for Android development, take a look at the following screenshots.

Once you have built your app, you can simulate it on about a dozen devices including the Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid/2/X, HTC Evo and Samsung Fascinate/Epic/Captivate.

List of devices that you can simulate your app on.

Running the app either on the device itself (yes, isn’t that so awesome!) or on the simulator is very simple as shown below.

Running an app on the device or the simulator.

Also, here is a sample application running on the simulator.

Sample app.

Hope you find this useful. I am writing a tutorial on writing a simple Hello World application for AIR4Android so it should be up on this blog very soon.

Please note that you will need an updated version of the Flex SDK called Flex Hero to work on this stuff. But if you’re getting Flash Builder Burrito then Flex Hero should be bundled with the Burrito installation.


#1 harsha on 12.16.10 at 11:09 am

wow…great to know that Flash builder actually allows us to simulate apps for the mobiles…

#2 admin on 12.16.10 at 11:19 am

Yes, simulating apps on the computer is a pretty standard feature for all IDEs in the mobile application development space. What’s really cool about Flash Builder Burrito is, you can connect your Android phone and run/debug apps on the phone as opposed to the computer.

#3 peter on 03.14.11 at 12:32 pm

Is there any word on the iPhone packager?

#4 admin on 03.16.11 at 4:00 pm

Peter – I believe you can using this packager although I haven’t tried it myself. Reading the description it seems like there is a standalone packager which can be used to package the AIR applications for the iPhone. This link definitely includes an update for installing a packager plugin for Flash Professional CS5.

#5 toasty redhead on 05.14.11 at 4:18 am

Thank you for a great post.

#6 Sanjeeb Sahu on 01.31.12 at 2:03 am

Hi, I got some useful knowledge from this post.
Thanks for sharing.

#7 teach on 04.14.12 at 9:32 pm

didn’t know this platform thanks for your information… going to try the air

#8 Policarpio on 08.24.12 at 12:31 am

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